Neon staxx


One of my favorite video games is Neon Staxx. It transports me back to the kind of gaming world I used to spend hours on end playing. With its bright colors, retro typography and energetic musical score, Neon Staxx intends to transport you into an alternate version of our future. And must say, it does its work very well.

We are not given any elaborate intro or storyline to tell us what is going on within the world of Neon Staxx, but it sure seems as though we are in a world very much similar to Far Cry: Blood Dragon, Tron or any other classic action movie set in an industrialized future. Your goal is to shoot “reels” filled with spinning neon targets (called reels) and collect points by making hits. You can use power ups throughout the game, some that I didn’t even know existed until today! For example there is this power up which makes you invisible when you are not in front of a target, which is incredibly cool! I guess my first impressions were really negative because it seemed like the game tried too hard to make me feel special.

But as I played more, I began to understand what the major feature that made Neon Staxx so great was its unique video slot machine mechanic. Like all good video slot games, you start with a small base amount of money and you can add money to it with a machine called the “wild scatter symbols”. What makes the wild scatter symbols different from other coins in the video slot machine game is that it randomly puts a number of your scatter symbols on the screen. The randomness of the placement of these symbols makes them seem like they are coming out of thin air, and that they have an impact on the outcome of each game that you play!

After winning a few games, I decided that I needed to try the free spins, but since Neon Staxx had not yet offered a free spins section, I wondered if there might be another way to get into the mood for playing. To my surprise, they offered a “retro slot demo version”. I was eager to try this because it was a bonus feature that I would definitely love to receive when purchasing the real game. After downloading the free trial version, I was able to boot up my computer and began playing around with the demo version.

The good thing about playing Neon Staxx is that the free version does not have nearly the same amount of graphics, sounds, and animation that the real version has. While this might be fine for some people, others may find this annoying. The thing is, I had already started getting irritated by the screen when I was trying to win a game. There were just too many colors and icons on the screen, and the colors were so intense that it was hard to tell what was going on at times. However, I soon got past this frustration because the free version offered good money back guarantee!

The first thing that the game was able to teach me was how to manipulate the reels. The icons that are on the screen to show you how many symbols are left to be spun when you pull the handle down. The symbols on the reels vary by game and version, but they are always wild symbols. I quickly found out that being able to recognize and associate with the different symbols on the reels would come in handy when I went to play the actual game. The more I learned, the easier it became to play the game!

Once you have learned to recognize and associate with the symbols on the reels, playing the slots will be a breeze. In the free slots section, there is usually a base game to start off with. In the base game, there are usually 4 rows of coins, representing the 4 columns in the pattern on the reels. The goal in the base game is to earn as many coins as possible before time runs out and your opponent wins. The nice thing about the Neon Staxx is that this game offers a bonus right away, giving you an extra 8 coins that you can use in any of the 4 rows, leaving you with just the base game to play.

The real excitement comes when you get to play with real money. You have a choice of either betting on the “spin” version of the reel, or on a machine that has an actual ball inside of it. In order to determine which one is better, you have to first analyze the symbols on the reels. You can also play against the computer, and depending on the luck of the draw, you might get lucky and hit the jackpot. Since the real prize in this game is dependent on the performance of the spins, using the online slot machines that have symbols on them is a good way to get a good return on your investment.

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