The mask

The Mask is the hottest slot machine on the casino floor and it is getting more popular by the minute. The popularity of the machine is attributed to its colorful visuals, which spiced up the excitement of playing slots. The machine operates on the same mechanics as other slot machines in that when players hit the reels they will receive bonus points. The difference is that The Mask is different because it comes with a video screen that flips magically when reels are spun. In addition to the exciting graphics, the unique video screen adds to the thrill when seeing all the winning icons flash by one after another.


The Mask is very similar to other video slots in that when players win, they get rewarded with coins and extra bonus features. The basic gameplay follows the same mechanics as other online slots games in that the player has to match the correct icon with a color and spin the reels. The only real difference is the graphics and the bonus features that make the game a lot more fun. The reels themselves rotate like regular video slots and when a winning icon appears, the animation is done. This makes the gameplay even more entertaining with all the little details that go into the process of winning.


The game’s bonus icons include a jackpot, a mushroom, a heart, a dollar sign, a spider, a fat guy, a lion, a face, a space, a traffic light, a crown, a lightning bolt, a dollar, a dolphin, a star, a bumble bee, a wheel, a feather, a smiley face, a panda, a traffic light, a pew, a basketball, a win button, a win ticket, a birthday banner, a panda bear, a pikachu, a yang symbol, a butterfly, a dolphin, a rainbow, a spider, a win ticket, a panda bear, a pikachu character, a birthday banner, a traffic light, a lion, a smiley face, a new symbol, a bumble bee, a basketball, a pinata, a birthday banner, a pinata prize, and a spider. The icons are simple enough that any child could get the idea and start playing. Of course, to get the maximum number of icons, a child needs to play for at least three hours each day. As with any other slot machine game, the odds of winning are lower with this version since all of the icons are the same and there are not many bonus spins available. As long as parents and kids are keeping safe, this game should be a hit.

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